Accepting Her is a coming of age drama from writer and director Ndubuisi(ND) Aja starring Tegan Westall and Jason Bailey


Tory (Westall) is born with a condition that means she does not fit the typical binary notions of male or female bodies. After the unexpected passing of her mother, Tory has to live with her estranged father John (Bailey) who shadowed by ill-remembered conflicts and unspoken regrets will see to it that his daughter undergoes changes that will no longer put her gender in question





Director - Ndubuisi(ND) Aja

Cinematographer - Thomas Shawcroft

Producer - Luc Barlett

1st AD - Sara Eriksson

1st AC - Andrea Clavijo

Sound Design - Richard de Mowbray

Starring - Tegan Westall, Jason Bailey, Georgiana Neilson-Toy, Raymond Rushton-Gough, Laura Presley, Alexandra Kirkman

Music By - Harvey Carter


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